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Golrang brand was developed in 2005 in respond to the needs of serving the population and through the efforts and persistence of a group of international specialist. The brand was introduced to the market by aiming at high quality products manufacturing.  Golrang Brand defines production quality equivalent to consumer’s satisfaction and believes it to be the key to its success. This claim is supported by the satisfactory views of Golrang Products customers.

AVE is one of the biggest brands of DIG Company. The presence of this brand in the market shoulder to should to the most famous brands of world is the result of significant efforts and long researches of our colleagues at DIG Company. The high quality of this brand, immediately made it one of the most influential brands in detergent products.

Since its development, this brand has been considering on the consumers’ needs in order to market the products which would satisfy those needs through focusing on company’s research and development activities. AVE has aimed at constant progress, improving consumers’ satisfaction and creating value for them; and by concentrating on all age groups, it has been tried to introduce products to the market which would fit the needs of the target consumers.

Niloo Brand is one of the  brands in DIG Company home and family products. The presence of this brand in the market and placing it alongside the biggest brands in world and Afghanistan is indebted to great efforts and many researches of our colleagues at DIG Company, which have  given a very high quality to the products of this brand.

Merci brand was born and introduced to the market in 2010. Merci products have been able to provide extraordinary and distinguished quality in full baby diapers and ladies pads. This significant quality has been gained due to using first class raw materials and innovation in production process.

Merci Diapers are available in three small, average and large size and the sanitary pads are marketed in the three average, large and night sizes.

The box packed tissues completed the products of this brand  in 2011 by introducing tissue boxes.

Merci Nail polish remover pad is another product of this brand.

Nancy brand started its activities by producing tissues and  later maximized the variety of its tissues product so far that current, it has the  top place among its competitors and is a  pioneer in quality and packaging.

Benefitting from the modern methods of printing and packaging methods, Nancy has been providing the market with its brilliant and significant products.

In the first months of 2011, this brand added Nancy sanitary Pads to its list of products. Nancy ladies pads are available in the three average, large and night sizes.

Home Plus brand is one of the DIG Company of household and dishes hygiene brands which introduced its products to the market in 2002.

Since its development, this brand has put constant improvement and progress in quality, efforts in meting customer’s needs and creating value in its top agenda. The Company has tried to identify its consumers’ needs and market products to meet those needs through focusing on research and development activities.

Home plus is a brand which has aimed at promoting the quality life of its consumers through creating feeling of peace, beauty and cleanness in their life, work and rest places and  in this regards and to achieve this goal, it has considered the three elements as follows:

  • Beautiful and up-to-date packaging of products
  • Using pleasant fragrances and nice colors to create new experiences in consumer’s mind
  • Presenting high quality products for functional use based on current needs and technologies

Better wash than ever, always with ATRA

ATRA is another DIG company brand. It started its activities by producing washing machine and hand wash fabric detergents.

This brand found a very good place among consumers in a short time and meets the routine demands of fabric hygiene of its consumers.

O2 is another brands of DIG Company, which markets a number of its detergents with this name.

Airi is one of the series of DIG Company brand. The range of activities of this brand  in the target group of health products is defined as clothes hygiene, towel  and fabric softeners, dishwashing machines liquids and detergents as well as cellulose products, which covers the target market of consumers in upper social levels.

The name of this brand is extracted from the word AIRI in Turkish language meaning Single and Unique. The target market and place of this band establishes sensational communication of this brand with audiences in view of the level of needs these products cover their audiences.