About DIG

Donya International Group started its production activities in Afghanistan owing to the round-the-clock efforts and activities of teams of Afghan and International engineers and specialists.

The brands of this Company have vast existence in Afghanistan and the region’s market as Golrang, Niloo, AVE, O2 and Roshan in detergents, Barley, Golrang, Nancy and Merci in cellulose base products ; and Golrang, Airi and Home Plus names in polymer range of products.

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Implementing Laundry Detergent factory in Afghanistan

The laundry detergent production factory with high capacity and quality will be soon opened in Herat, Afghanistan. Different types of detergents for both washing machine and for hand wash clothes...


Implementing drinking water production line

DIG Company has put the implementation of drinking water production line and market sale in its agenda. This product, in high quality and health benefits will be soon introduced to...


Implementation of PET and PET Cap production line

To meet the increasing demand of industries, DIG Company has started implementing production line for PET and Preform in different sizes and weighs for the domestic and internal use of...

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Message of managing director, Eng. Saeed Asaedi

For the first time, we plan to present high quality Afghan products to the world market.