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About us

Donya International Group Company (DIG) was established in Afghanistan in 2003 and DIG factory began its operation in 2005 thanks to the round-the-clock diligent efforts of a group of Afghan and international engineers and experts. The company is now taking steps toward ever increasing progress under the auspices of Engineer Mr. Saeed As’adi, its managing director, and Dr. Omid Roosta, its deputy managing director.

The  brands of this Company  have vast existence both in Afghanistan and the regional countries’ markets as Golrang, Niloo, AVE, O2 and Roshan in detergents, Barley, Golrang, Nancy and Merci in cellulose ; and Golrang, Airy and Home Plus names in polymer range of products. The basket of DIG products includes different types of detergents such as machine washing powders, dishwashing liquid, hand wash soap, glass cleaner, fabric softeners, different  types of shampoos, carpet shampoo, bleach and crust remover, cellulose products including tissues, polymer products and foods such as candies, Shekarpanir (white candies) and oil.


There are some shortcomings and there are many sale markets which should be supplied. DIG is here to tell us a more beautiful story about life.

We present the best propositions to different sections of global market.



Think global, act local

Make the world as green as it was before

A borderless view to global markets

 Message of managing director, Eng. Saeed Asaedi

For the first time, we plan to present high quality Afghan products to the world market.